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SUMO Heavy Is Now a Magento Silver Solution Partner

August 8, 2012 by John Suder

We’re proud to announce that SUMO Heavy Industries is now recognized as a Magento Silver Solution Partner. This partnership recognizes that SUMO Heavy is an experienced leader in providing successful eCommerce solutions.

The Solutions Partner Program

The Solutions Partner Program was set up by Magento to develop a community of  highly skilled, experienced development shops and designers. These developers and system integrators deliver top-line eCommerce solutions for their customers. For SUMO Heavy, this also means that we’ll be able to take advantage of high-level training for our developers as well as collaboration and partnership opportunities to deliver a wider range of services to our clients.

With Silver Partner Status, SUMO Heavy will be focusing on implementing the Magento Enterprise and Magento Community platforms for new and existing clients. Our core focus will be helping mid-size firms in need of a rock-solid platform as well as clients who are ready for upgrades and customizations.

We Go Way Back With Magento

We’re proud to say that we’ve been using the Magento platform since the early days of its beta release in 2007. We built our first Magento project with little documentation (and a lot of faith). We designed workarounds where none existed and got the project off the ground. After the smoke cleared and the site had launched, we realized the strength and potential that Magento had and the possibilities that were to come. Since then, we’ve been vocal supporters of Magento, and our Silver Solution Partner status shows our continuing commitment to the future of the platform.

To learn more about the Magento Partners Program, visit their website. If you’d like to learn how Magento and SUMO Heavy can help your business, drop us a line via email, our handy contact form or call us at (888) 998-SUMO.


  • Keith McGinnis

    Hey Guys, Congrats!

    What made you change your mind? In early 2011 you stated you would not join the partner program?

    • Bart Mroz

      Well we have been doing Magento work for a very long tim (beta) and 90% of our project are Magento based so we decided that to support our clients better we should have a bigger stake in the platform. We are still strongly believe that we can be platform agnostic when its time to choose one for our clients. I also think that is going to be great for our client since we can get better support from Magento.

    • Keith McGinnis

      All great reasons, and we’re a partner for the same….the partner program has improved since inception, and support is improving also. Its a bright future…