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Things We Like: The Friday Five for August 3, 2012

August 3, 2012 by John Suder

Delete Those Annoying Babies From Your Newsfeed with is a Chrome extension that deletes babies from your newsfeed permanently – by replacing them with awesome stuff.


Matchbook: Bikinis Meet Their Match

Clever matches between bathing suits and books. Each match discovered by hand.



KIXEYE: Probably The Most Awesome Recruitment Video Ever

(NSFW Language)


Atomic Overlook: Altered Photos of Tourists Watching Nuclear Tests

Photographer Clay Lipsky presents a series of composite photos in which modern day tourists passively watch nuclear test explosions.


The 8-Bit Games!

The Summer Olympics in a glorious 8-bit montage.

The 8-Bit Games! from Flikli on Vimeo.


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