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Things We Like: The Friday Five for March 2, 2012

March 2, 2012 by John Suder

HALO Heated Spoon Tells You When Your Beverage is Hot

Intuitive controls and light/color signals make it easy to use.
Designers: Burcu Bag, Amalia Monica, & Vinay Raj Somashekar [via Yanko Design]

Coffee + Cereal = Coffee Flakes

Get your morning coffee and cereal in one convenient bowl. And, it’s gluten-free!

[Coffee Flakes]

Braniff Airlines (When Flying Was Cool)

Wild colors and graphics were the order of the day at Braniff International Airlines, with some amazing design by Alexander Girard, Emilio Pucci and Beth Levine.

A collection of Braniff identity and stills at Black Harbor.

Retro iPhone Cases

Nostalgic for ‘ye olden dayes’ of the Mac? Score a nostalgic iPhone case at Scheer Delights.

Waldo: The Movie (Official Trailer)

“This Summer, Waldo finds YOU!”



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