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Things We Like: The Friday Five for May 4, 2012

May 4, 2012 by John Suder

Coin: A Simple iPhone Case and Stand

Stop propping up your iPhone with random objects, or worse yet, carrying around a separate stand. Using Urban Prefer’s Coin 4 case, a simple coin in your pocket is utilized as a stand, using the grooves within the case. The grooves on the case are at different angles, allowing for different tilt views.

[Urban Prefer]

B.R.A.D. Berkeley Ridiculously Automated Dorm

Berkeley student Derek Low completely automated his dorm so that every function in the room can be controlled by his voice or an iOS app. It’s been reported that the college wasn’t too fond of Derek’s clever set up and has called him in for a hearing. But Derek isn’t worried – he was moving anyway.


WeBike: Exercise, Generate Electricity, Get Stuff Done

Belgium-based company We-Watt has created a meeting table called WeBike. Participants sit at the table and gently peddle, while creating electricity (and presumably getting something done).


The Essence of Travel

Smell like your favorite city with ‘The Scent of Departure’. Let’s hope the NYC fragrance doesn’t smell like Times Square in August.

[The Scent of Departure]

Retro Arcade Poncho

No longer does the rain have to mean ‘Game Over’!

[$6.99 at Perpetual Kid]


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