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Things We Like: The Friday Five for June 15, 2012

June 15, 2012 by John Suder

Cassette Doormat Never Needs Rewinding

Put this throwback cassette tape doormat on your front porch. Your older neighbors will love it, your kids will wonder what the hell it is.

Available at ThinkGeek.

Cassette Doormat


1980’s Apple Clothing Catalog

An awful collection of fashion, even by 1980’s standards. Clearly this was during the Sculley era, as Steve Jobs would never sign off on something as tacky as this.

[via Design Taxi]


Mrs. Doubtfire Horror Film Trailer

Mrs. Doubtfire reimagined as a horror film.


‘Watertower’ Stained Glass Sculpture in Brooklyn

Artist Tom Fruin has created a monumental water tower sculpture in colorful salvaged plexiglas and steel. Watertower will be mounted high upon a water tower platform to become a part of the DUMBO, Brooklyn skyline.

[Tom Fruin]


Scorzie Keeps Score So You Can Drink

Scorzie is the original scorekeeping beverage holder, ideal for games of 21 points at any BBQ or tailgate.




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