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July 29, 2010 by John Suder

The other day in Campfire chat, we were discussing the redesign of
The site has come a long way since their “Zeta” (Beta Version) design. Oh, and they’ve sold a crapload of shoes, have legendary customer service and were just acquired by, so they must be doing something right.) As we were looking over the redesign (executed beautifully by Happy Cog™ Studios), I scrolled down to check  the footer.

Oh no…the dreaded ‘Fat Footer’.
This beast is over 1200 pixels tall.

I can just imaging the User Experience people in rolling fist fights down the hall with the SEO and Marketing people, all fighting for their pixels of real estate. Sadly, the reality is that the ‘Fat Footer’ is now fairly common in large eCommerce websites.
Putting that aside, I noticed above the footer a rotating set of ‘Zappos Family Core Values’ (like number 10: “Be Humble”.) These ‘Core Values’ are something that Zappos is known for, and they smartly use  it as part of their marketing.
I reloaded the page a view times to view some of the other ‘Core Values’, when I stumbled upon this one: “8. Do More With Less”…unfortunately perched right above their 1200 pixel footer.

Sometimes it’s all about the context, folks.
Zappos Giant Footer