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SUMO Heavy Wins a Major Award (Careful, It’s Fra-gile!)

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We’re not big on awards. We’re not the type of agency that validates our work with a shelf full of trophies and plaques. We’d rather have the work speak for itself.

Last night SUMO Heavy was awarded the New York SmartCEO Corporate Culture Award. The Corporate Culture Awards program “honors companies that foster a creative, collaborative workplace culture to enhance performance and sustain a competitive advantage”.

This wasn’t an ‘Agency of the Year’ or some other award based on sales. We work hard and grow each year — but we don’t do these things to chase an award. We won an award based on one of the guiding principles SUMO Heavy: Family First.

Since forming SUMO Heavy over 5 years ago, our sole purpose was to build a company where we could work our asses off with people we loved. In the early days, we were most certainly a ‘lifestyle’ business. Back then it was just Bob and Bart working out of coffee shops and later their apartment. But it was always about doing good work with good people (and making enough to get by).

Since then, we’ve grown up and out of several offices. We made the move from Philadelphia to New York City and back again. All the while we’ve maintained our ‘Family First’ atmosphere. We offer flexible working conditions for all team members, unlimited time off and generous salary and benefits. Life happens, and if there’s a personal issue that needs to be tended to, the saying is “You go do. We’ve got this.” We have each other’s backs, like a small (albeit slightly dysfunctional) family.

We’re a small but agile team, and in many ways, we’re more effective than a bloated agency. We also believe in treating our clients as family. We encourage honest and open dialogue, and welcome our clients to visit anytime. We’ve had clients come and spend a day (or two) co-working with us at our offices.

So, yes, this was a ‘major award’. It validates our principles as a company and lets us know we’re doing all the right things when it comes to our culture. And above all, it was also a great night out with the family.

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