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The Register #003: Jeff Gibbard of True Voice Media/Shareable Podcast

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We're doing something special on this week on The Register. We're doing a co-branded episode with the Shareable Podcast.

Shareable is a podcast about people and technology. It's hosted by Jeff Gibbard, who's also the Founder and Chief Strategist at True Voice Media. True Voice Media is a social-first digital marketing agency located in Philadelphia and Chicago.

SUMO Heavy Co-founder and CEO Bart Mroz was interviewed on Shareable last week, so we decided to repay the favor. Bart and SUMO Heavy Creative Director John Suder paid a visit to Jeff's new podcast recording studio in Center City Philadelphia for a chat.

We talked with Jeff about his love of film and photography and how he wound up managing his own digital agency. He also shares with us a few tips that eCommerce managers can use to leverage social media in their business. We also geek out a bit on time management and productivity – and if you're as busy as Jeff is, you need all the help you can get.

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