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Welcome our Newest SUMO Melissa Curra

· Company,Client Services,Project Management

We’re excited to introduce our newest team member, Melissa Curra. As our new Client Strategist, she’ll be keeping us all in check and moving projects along, while offering her daily words of encouragement.

Here’s a quick intro interview with Melissa:

Where are you from?
I live in Brooklyn but was born and raised in Valley Stream on Long Island.

What’s your ‘one line bio’?
Melissa has her BA in English and a minor in Communications from East Carolina University; she really loves ice cream a lot

Work History
I’ve had the privilege of working with various digital media production companies and print magazines. I’ve been published several times with articles on various topics for Long Island Pulse Magazine, pop culture mags by Topix Media Lab, and the series of websites. I’ve also helped direct and produce several web series, Indie films, and YouTube channels.

I love being outdoors, exploring new neighborhoods to discover bookstores, and (of course) an amazing book.

Skills (Programing Languages etc)
I’m proficient in Sarcasm.

Green lights.

Stop signs.

People with accents, HBO Go, foliage, and ice cream (did I mention that already?).

Life-changing event
When I realized that you should only do what you want to do (and that it’s okay to take a chance to get there).

Something that nobody at work knows about you
I throw a mean spiral.

Your dream project
Digital literature.

Any parting words of encouragement?

“You guys are doing great!”

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