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What Americans Are Spending on This Spring

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Now that most Americans have received their tax refunds they’re ready for some Springtime spending. Collectively, Americans received $125 billion back from the federal government, which is currently burning a hole in many a pocket.

Sure, some will save their refunds, putting them directly into savings accounts, or invest them for future earnings. But many Americans have plans to spend their refunds on everything from everyday purchases, like coffee and groceries, to major purchases, like appliances and furniture.

Of course, there are plenty of seasonal ways to spend and Americans are not shying away from doing so. Total spending for Easter increased this year, as many bought candy, food, flowers and clothes to celebrate the holiday. With the rise of ecommerce, nearly a third of Easter purchases took place online.

Americans are also preparing for graduation season, spending on greeting cards, gift cards, electronics, clothing and more. Additionally, many Americans have begun online shopping in anticipation of swimsuit season, which tops out in May.

Check out the infographic below for a more in-depth snapshot of what Americans are spending on this Spring.

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