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Agile Planning

One of the top inefficiencies that we find in our clients' organizations is that of process. Clients struggle to maintain legacy applications with teams who inherited them, and others are growing more rapidly than they can handle. In some cases, there is a sheer unwillingness to perform the necessary administrative work to show the value of their work to the business.

Product Management

Having enough people throughout your organization that understands each product is vital to the success of those products. Not only do you need to determine the appropriate number of people, but you'll also need to find managers that are proficient in technical writing and prioritization. SUMO Heavy has in-depth knowledge in this area and can assist in two ways:

  1. Providing product management for your technical products
  2. Training existing staff in successful product management

Agile Project Management

Before product managers can be successful, a solid process framework needs to be created. Our clients span a spectrum of sizes. Some have no internal management for technical projects, others have more than a dozen engineering teams. Every organization's processes differ, and it's important to find one that works for you. We will work with you to evaluate, document, implement, and maintain your agile processes to ensure product management success.


For processes to improve, they need to be monitored. SUMO Heavy works with their clients to create agile management dashboards, which serve everyone in management as well as the C-suite. These dashboards are tailored to your process and integrated with your project management system so that you can understand the performance of each of your engineering teams as well as the organization as a whole.