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Cost Savings

Saving money is as important as making money.

At scale, even a small change can make a significant impact on your bottom line. SUMO Heavy assists its clients with many cost-saving exercises. Cost savings not only help your business grow, but also easily justify the cost of keeping us on retainer.

Reviewing technical spend

Having the proper set of tools is incredibly vital to the process and workflow. However, we've found that many software packages are underutilized or improperly licensed. By working with our clients to replace unused or inefficient software, we contribute value directly back to the business. In other cases, hosting infrastructure may not be taking advantage of easily procured discounts.

Evaluating current technologies and processes, then proposing new ones

Inefficient technical processes waste money. Throughput may be unacceptably low, which in turn lowers the value of each feature that manages to be completed. Another issue is that it takes much more time than it should to complete a feature. We work with businesses of varying sizes in many different industries to create processes that provide higher throughput, better return, and satisfied management.

Analyzing logistics operations for incremental improvement

Shipping is hard - especially when the rules are constantly changing. Spending less money per order going out the door while maintaining the same lead time can save millions. Working with our clients, their warehouses, and carriers, we are able to build a program that will save money for every single order that goes out the door.

Vendor usage analysis

Many vendors have similar offerings. By evaluating the actual usage of vendor-supplied software as well as alternatives, SUMO Heavy helps our clients choose and implement software packages, then work with the vendors to train employees. We then produce extensive written materials and user guides, along with a maintenance plan to help our clients stay on track.