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Digital Transformation

If you're not prepared for the digital age, you might find your company left behind. If you still rely on outdated 'pen-and-paper processes,' then it's time to think about digitizing.

The big question that's always asked: where do you begin?

SUMO Heavy works with clients to analyze various aspects of your business:

  • Accounting and Logistics
  • Customer Support
  • Development Methodologies
  • Leadership Operations

We work with our clients to identify each of the parts of their business that would benefit from digitization and create a strategic plan that addresses any issues identified during our competitive analysis.

Accounting moreover Logistics

A common inefficiency that we find among clients is that their accounting and logistics processes are still done manually. We help identify the best accounting and shipping software for your business. We'll develop a plan to formalize the existing processes and find the right implementation partners and see the plan through until it's finished.

Customer Support

Customer support processes are rarely formalized until companies grow to where they realize they realize they need to take action. We've worked with SMBs and large-scale enterprises to identify and fix customer support flows that reduce their spend and customer frustration. We help our clients maintain a path of savings growth year over year by taking the time to implement customer support workflows and tools correctly.

Development and Operations

It's rare to see a workflow entirely in-tune with the business' needs. Whether it's a cultural misalignment or issues with regulatory compliance, it is vital that our clients' inefficiencies don't grow with their development and operational teams. By interviewing leadership, engineers, and operational departments, we can implement development workflows that solve for accountability and efficiency, to deploy more features that are less error-prone and comply with the business' regulatory needs.


A company with non-technical leadership is bound for catastrophe. The perception of the importance of technology and its impact on company starts with leadership. Staff misaligned with leaders can lead to high turnover, low throughput, and high rates of error. We work with our client's leadership to ensure they are willing to move the company into a digital direction – or to bring in the right people that can. This crucial part of digital transformation will lead to the plan's success or failure.