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Are you wondering if GDPR has an impact on your business? (Spoiler alert: It does!)

SUMO Heavy has extensive experience helping businesses prepare for and maintain GDPR compliance procedures.

Any online business, regardless of geography, is affected by the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that went into effect on May 25, 2018. This comprehensive privacy regulation puts end-users in control of their personal data but more importantly requires businesses to be transparent in acknowledging how they use their customer’s data.

GPDR readiness is an ongoing process that requires all facets of your business including your internal and external partners, and your development company to work together to maintain an ever-evolving compliance strategy. From growing enterprises to established multi-billion dollar companies, we have proven experience with GDPR.


GDPR can be overwhelming for businesses. We’ll help cut through the noise and take some of the complexity out of ensuring you’re compliant. We’ll work with your team and your legal advisors to get and keep you compliant.


Online businesses are constantly considering new marketing partners and initiatives. We're here to help you evaluate new and existing partners to ensure they're a good fit within your GDPR strategy.

Express Consent

GDPR requires that your users give 'express consent' before you track their behaviors. We’ll help you understand what’s required for express consent and help ensure you’re following industry practices.

Data Handling

We’ll help you understand the role your business takes in controlling and processing your user’s data. You'll also be prepared to meet a customer’s requests to access their personal information.

Evolving Regulations

As privacy regulations continue to change and evolve, we'll work with you to improve your processes and procedures.

Feeling Uncertain?

Don't stress! Whether you need a review of your current readiness, or you're looking for assistance in crafting a GDPR compliance plan, we're here to help.