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Growth & Iteration

Launching a new site is an important and exciting time for everyone involved; it's satisfying for everyone to see the culmination of his or her hard work.

We know how crucial it is to launch a site with everything your team had envisioned. We also understand how stressful it can be to make sure that everything is reaching a minimally viable product marker.

We nourish the concept of iteration: slowly (but surely) making small-to-medium-sized changes, both backend, and frontend, to ensure that the site is always optimized. But the concept of an agreed upon launch date doesn't have to mean scrambling internally to include every last detail. You can reveal your new site to your users and throw in the "extras" over time. This methodology is conducive to CI/CD, the deployment system that the SUMO team uses. By using CI/CD, you don't have to wait for Sprints to be released. You can continuously improve as time passes. 

Design Iteration 

After your team has done the momentous amount of work it takes to redesign a site, plan for growth, and launch a new look, it's then time to iterate upon the design. Making changes as time goes is essential to building the best user experience possible, especially if your redesign is running on a tight schedule. SUMO Heavy works with our clients to make sure that as their business grows, their site grows with them. 

Analyzing Growth 

It's not enough to want to grow - it takes a lot of data, analysis, and planning to make sure your business meets it's goals. SUMO Heavy can help your team plan for measurement and tracking, making it easier to build essential features for your consumers.