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Infrastructure Analysis

As a company grows, so does their investment in technology. Companies are too often focused on growing their current infrastructure rather than analyzing what they truly need. SUMO Heavy works with its clients through detailed technical analysis to provide a full understanding of their current infrastructure spend and capability. Once the current scenario is understood, we're able to explore available options and create a plan to improve the cost structure.

Review Hardware

Physical hardware is a fixed-cost that cannot scale on-demand.
In this scenario, the only way to cost costs is to remove hardware and improve application efficiency. This presents a challenge as contracts for physical hardware are generally long-term. If a client is already in a cloud environment, we can research the options available to them by the cloud vendor, such as spot instances or fleet, reserved instances.

Application Review

In order to be as effective as possible, we need to understand your organization's application ecosystem as a whole. Working with your engineering leads, we look at your development cycle and affected codebases so that we can help plan optimizations in the stack.


After our stakeholder interviews and analysis, we generate a report that details the following:

  • Infrastructural cost reduction
  • Application optimization
  • Migration plan

The report should show a cost-effective, scalable infrastructure that will cost less and result in more efficiency per dollar.