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Process Management

Having a unified process within your business is crucial for things to run smoothly and efficiently. Often, teams are forced to compete for priority, leaving well-intentioned projects to be left behind or overlooked.

Once an established process is agreed upon, you will be able to understand where your teams and projects stand.

Having proposed features fully-specified and documented prior to handing off to our development team allows for more accurate estimates, ensuring that everyone can deliver their work and meet deadlines.

A sound process also enforces transparency to C-level executives, stakeholders, and team members that are actively involved with measuring productivity and value.

SUMO helps teams come together to communicate what is expected of everyone involved in a project, from Marketing to Engineering.

Our process management also allows internal teams to understand the impacts of future releases or deployments, so there are no surprises, and scope remains intact.

Once you work with a healthy and efficient process, your teams will wonder how they ever lived without it.