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Project Management

Getting things out the door and on time is critical.

We believe that a successful eCommerce site is not just about the technology you choose, but also about the collaboration among uniquely-talented individuals who have come together to build something great.

Efficient eCommerce involves constant transparency, dedication to a universal goal, and the ability to track trends within an ever-changing industry. We dedicate ourselves to understand what is most important to your organization, from specific company practices to what drives your company culture. From there, we help our clients through the detail-oriented processes involved in launching and iterating an exceptional eCommerce experience. Alongside our talented team of developers, SUMO Heavy aims to be your ultimate Project Management resource by optimizing your team approaches documentation, planning, prioritization, and scope-of-work.


We work with your team to understand the ideal user experience for your consumers, helping to plan innovative features that are ready-to-work.


Choices in eCommerce can become overwhelming, especially for growing sites. We're not just here to help you understand your options, we're here to help you decide which is best.


Reliable and consistent communication is crucial, which is why we're dedicated to accessibility. Along with weekly stand-ups, we provide the tools you need to stay in touch and stay informed.

Responsive (Re)Design 

Redesigns and iterative design used to be hard to manage.


"Don't worry, we wrote it all down" becomes music to your ears.


Why only focus on the 'what'? Let us guide the how. We are committed to helping you cultivate your internal processes, empowering your eCommerce team and allowing them to make impactful, informed decisions.