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Making informed business decisions with accurate data is at the heart of every successful eCommerce operation. Every business can improve their operations by implementing intelligent, data-driven solutions.

We'll help you identify the areas in which your current reporting is lacking, help you understand what questions you should be asking, and make sure your reporting evolves with your business needs.

Many businesses take action with a lack of proven data to guide their way. Not sure what you should be measuring? We'll work together to identify your KPI's so you know what information you should be gathering. Assuring that your business has accurate reporting will improve sales, increase inventory turn, and most importantly, help ensure that your customers have a great experience each time they visit your store. After all, that's what it's all about.


No matter which analytics platform you're using, we'll improve your reporting to make sure you're able to find the answers that will help move your business forward.

User Tracking

Want to understand how a landing page is performing? Wondering if you're getting traction on a new feature you've implemented? We can help you set up event tracking to get the most information from your user's behavior.

Platform Reporting

All eCommerce software comes with built-in reporting, but many fail to measure critical data points. We'll help you improve your integrated reporting so that you have the answers.

BI Integrations

Has your business outgrown the reporting capabilities of your shop's software? BI tools can help deliver insights with the data that you're already collecting.

Sales Reporting

Need to understand retention? Want to identify which categories are performing the best for your store? We've seen all types of reporting requests and will help you spec out the right report for your questions and get it written.

Inventory Reporting

While sales reporting often gets all the glory, accurate inventory reporting can help you increase profitability, keep products in-stock, and maximize inventory turn.