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Team Augmentation

Hard-working and committed teams are the life-blood of successful companies. Internal teams with shared goals and visions are essential for making strides in eCommerce. At times your teams may need process guidance, especially as your business continues to grow.

SUMO Heavy has the ability to come into your workspace and join your existing teams to help with whatever they may need. Whether it's breaking through communication barriers or implementing Agile processes throughout your organization, we've worked with companies of all sizes, becoming valuable members of product, marketing, content, development, agile, and management teams. We help business and technology goals align, making meaningful business cases for features so that each team's priorities are implemented. We also assist with long-term planning and strategy - it's not enough to deploy a fantastic new feature, you have to track and measure its success along the way (this is especially helpful for iteration and growth).

We also help prevent internal bottlenecks and silos. Communication and documentation are crucial to help keep everyone on your team on the same page and working together. By learning the way each team works, we are able to find commonalities that help organizations understand how their work may affect different aspects of the business (while also nurturing each team's specific needs).