Sourpuss Clothing

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Sourpuss Clothing


Creating a Vendor Ordering System

With a long list of custom-built features on their Magento 1 site, we knew this was a project that would take careful planning to ensure success. Our Weigh In process, combined with our thorough knowledge of Sourpuss Clothing’s internal business processes gave us a great opportunity to review the site feature by feature. This allowed us to determine what was working, what legacy features could be removed, and to review all of their third-party software to discover areas for improvement.

Multi-Channel with one Theme

One of the things that originally drew us to Sourpuss Clothing was the challenge of supporting a Retail and Wholesale division using the same eCommerce system.
With Shopify Plus, we knew that they’d want the experience to be similar, but with vital differences to give their Wholesale Customers a seamless experience. 

We added the ability for Sourpuss to toggle between different Add to Cart experiences, different Marketing features, and UGC experiences.

Alternative Payments

Sourpuss Clothing had heard their Customers loud and clear, they needed to add a buy now pay later or risk their Users shopping elsewhere. Having worked with Affirm before, we knew that they’d be a great fit due to their optimized Checkout flow, multiple payment options, and ease of integration with Shopify.

Data Migration

When a store’s been operating as long as Sourpuss Clothing has, migrating eCommerce platforms involves a significant amount of data migration. We knew we needed to move tens of thousands of Products into Shopify Plus and their new ERP efficiently, but most important, accurately. Before development began, we thoroughly planned the migration of every data attribute to be certain we’d capture all of their historical data. We then wrote custom scripts that allowed us to migrate massive amounts of data from their Magento 1 instance without impact to their still-operating storefront.


By beginning with a thorough business analysis conducted during our Weigh In process, we were able to launch Sourpuss Clothing on Shopify Plus weeks before their Black Friday deadline. Since migrating to Shopify Plus, Sourpuss Clothing has seen increased Core Web Vitals scores, improved conversion rate, increased average order value, and most importantly strong positive growth year-over-year.

We’re excited to embark on Sourpuss Clothing’s next chapter in the life of their eCommerce site, and we’re ready to see what the next ten years will hold!

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