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Google announced that it is amping up its selection of shopping tools like language processing, visual search, and artificial intelligence to ensure a more targeted, streamlined search experience. According to Retail Dive, the company is adding new filters to narrow search functionality for products and the long-sought-after ability to view a product without leaving the results page. 

The revamped desktop feed will display more products, brands, articles, and videos when users add the word “shop” to any search for electronics, clothes, beauty, home goods– and everything in between. The new filters will now include search queries such as brand, retailer, what’s on sale, department, size, material, color, products nearby, and more. The filters are dynamic, which means that they can be updated in real-time based on what a user is searching for, like “iced coffee machine,” “single cup,” or “drip” when a user is searching for coffee makers.

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai told investors on the company’s webcast, “We are supercharging our visual search capabilities to help people find what they are looking for at businesses nearby,” he continued, “Through advanced language models, AI is unlocking new experiences that support more natural and conversational ways to interact with computing.” 

The updates expand upon existing tools introduced back in September, which included a 3D sneaker functionality, buying guides for specific product categories, and a “shop the look” feature with personalized options. Similarly to the payment tools recently launched by Square, Google’s main objective is to easily connect shoppers with merchants no matter where the final purchase occurs.

These changes to the shopping functionality on Google are arriving just in time for the busy holiday season ahead. A study released by Deloitte found that higher-income shoppers plan to spend less this season, while low-income consumers plan to spend more. Even though spending for this season is on-par with 2021, global inflation and rising costs worry shoppers and popular businesses alike. Google is planning to ease at least a few shopping woes by enhancing their search. Another study released last month found that 22% of respondents will search on Google for gift inspiration.

Regarding their new artificial intelligence features, Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer Philipp Schindler notes that Google’s updates allow major breakthroughs in other areas of shopping and search on the platform.

Schindler also says that AI, NLP, and Google Lens are “fueling innovation across our Ads product via insights, automation, and easier-to-use advertising tools and formats; we’re helping businesses stay agile, build resilience, anticipate the future and show up for customers in more connected, visual and consistent ways. We’re helping them understand demand, deal with inventory challenges, increase loyalty, and much more.”

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