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One of the hardest-hit sectors of the economy during the pandemic was retail. Shopping in-store with hoards of people was no longer an option. After months of having nothing to do besides shop online, society had become fatigued, and innovation was crucial. Enter livestream shopping

Recently, livestream shopping has received widespread attention as the need for companionship in shopping grows. OuiShopp is a new app that allows users to shop online with friends in any online store. Users can invite friends, family, coworkers, or even your neighbor next door to customized shopping sprees where you can give advice, get advice, and suggest specific items. The app also lets users show their purchased items to friends on the fashion show feed.

OuiShopp’s drop comes after years of Chinese eCommerce innovators boasting the power of virtual group shopping. The launch of Alibaba’s Taobao Live in May 2016 marked a new beginning for virtual sales. The retail giant pioneered a compelling new approach: linking up an online livestream broadcast with an eCommerce store to allow viewers to watch and shop simultaneously.

It didn’t take much time for livestream shopping to become a fixture in sales campaigns for Alibaba’s  iconic Singles’ Day event. It is also a reliable digital tool for boosting customer engagement and sales. Last year in 2020, the first 30 minutes of Alibaba’s Singles’ Day pre-sales campaign on Taobao Live generated an impressive $7.5 billion in total transaction value. The numbers don’t lie, and OuiShopp is doing a headfirst slide into a tried and tested method of shopping. 

The platform notes that 81% of shoppers prefer getting the advice of friends and family before making a purchase, a figure integral to the idea’s success. 

While OuiShopp is launched and ready to go, the platform’s creators point out that even more advancements are coming in the near future. Soon, users can shop live with their favorite influencers. They can also browse around with a personal stylist that a store selects. Also upcoming is the ability to shop at multiple stores and only checkout once. For influencers and brands, OuiShopp will soon allow you to integrate your stores with a click of a button and host live shopping events with their customers.  

No longer are the days when consumers had to fully trust reviews and customer photos. The floodgates have opened for brands to find new, interactive ways to add a layer of authenticity and familiarity for shoppers. Live content where customers can ask questions and engage with real people makes your products more desirable and trustworthy. And anyone who has worked in an adjacent industry, whether retail, eCommerce, or even development, can attest that consumers have many questions. 

Platforms like OuiShopp allow instant connectivity between consumers and brands while customers can actively participate from their couches.

Photo by Christin Humeon Unsplash

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