Improving Everything, Every Day with Anthony Bucci.

Today on The Register we are joined by Anthony Bucci, founder of RevZilla, which sells apparel, gear and parts for two and four-wheeled motorsports. Anthony is here to tell us all about his career and pretty amazing story, from a rocket fueled start to his first business in the early 2000s to his current mix of work and everything in between. We chat about attitude, strategies and all things e-commerce with a true expert and innovator. Anthony gives us his particular take on customer feedback, word of mouth and the customer acquisition strategies that have served him over years, jam packing these ideas with real anecdotes and lessons that he picked up. We also get into some of the nitty gritty stuff to do with the tech at RevZilla, how they managed to scale and just how terrifying it can be. Anthony tells us about his departure as CEO of the company and how this hand over has worked for everyone involved before making a few predictions for the e-commerce space going forward. For all this and then some, be sure to join us!

Key Points From This Episode:

• The elevator speech of Anthony’s career up until today.

• Anthony’s ‘never settle’ attitude and how he stays sane in a crazy mindset.

• The founding story of Anthony’s motorcycle business, RevZIlla.

• RevZilla’s earliest days and how quickly it became massively profitable.

• Customer acquisition strategies and the importance of word of mouth.

• The spring of 2011 and skyrocketing sales for RevZilla.

• Great reviews, customer feedback and the beauty of a website complaint box.

• The tech process for RevZilla as they scaled the business.

• Anthony’s departure from the company and how things changed for him.

• What Anthony’s day to day work life looks like right now.

• Some predictions about the future of the e-commerce space.

• Anthony’s advice to younger entrepreneurs heading into e-commerce.

And much more!


“If you ask me what was broken, I’d say nothing. If you ask me what I would want to improve, I’d say everything.” — @anthonybucci [0:04:41]

“One of the things that tends to be a commonality if you’re the tip of the spear is your comfort with a lack of steadiness, or your comfort with change. A lot of people aren’t wired that way.” — @anthonybucci [0:07:15]

Anthony Bucci | Never Settle