Amazon Buy With Prime is Expanding to more U.S. eCommerce Stores

Brittany Blackman
Jan 20, 2023

Amazon’s Buy with Prime feature will now be available for U.S.-based merchants by the end of this month. The feature lets sellers offer Prime members benefits through apps and storefronts that aren’t controlled by Amazon. The retail giant tested the option last year by invitation only.

The venture proved to be a success, resulting in a 25% increase in shopper conversion rates for third-party participants. Moreover, Amazon reports that brands like Epic Water Filters and Great Circle Machinery are already utilizing the streamlined functionality of the new feature.

Prime members using websites outside of Amazon can now make purchases while accessing Prime benefits like free delivery and returns. “Conversion on our site has increased over 40% since we started using Buy with Prime, and we expect that number to go up,” said Oliver Crane, chief operating officer of Epic Water Filters. “Being able to offer Prime shopping benefits and reach more customers interested in our products—that’s huge for a small business like us. The Buy with Prime badge shows customers they can buy our products directly from us, with the backing and trust of Prime.”

Buy with Prime also gives members access to convenient two-day delivery and the opportunity to post reviews on merchant’s items within their app.

Like their Amazon Pay feature, which occasionally popped up on other sites here and there, the Buy with Prime button acts as a more efficient time-saver for eager shoppers because their payment and shipping details are automatically available.

The eCommerce giant also launched Reviews from Amazon, allowing merchants to display ratings and reviews from Amazon customers on their own sites for no additional cost.

In a statement to Gizmodo, an Amazon representative explained, “Pricing is based on a service fee, a payment processing fee, and fulfillment and storage fees that are calculated per unit,” the spokesperson said, adding, “With no fixed subscription fee or long-term contract required, merchants can expand their selection or cancel at any time.”

Following the launch, Amazon experienced another massive victory. BigCommerce announced that it would be integrating Buy with Prime into its offerings. BigCommerce plans to make Buy with Prime available for its customers in Q1 2023, allowing brands built on its platform to easily plug Buy with Prime into their sites. BigCommerce, as its name suggests, is one of the most prominent eCommerce platforms on the market, so this is no small feat for Bezos’ brainchild.

However, according to Rick Watson, founder and CEO of RMW Commerce Consulting, Amazon is fully aware that it could take a number of years to know if the project will scale.

Photo by Andrew Stickelman on Unsplash

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