Celebrating 13 Years of Delivering Successful eCommerce Solutions with SUMO Heavy

John Suder
May 13, 2023

For more than a decade, SUMO Heavy has been providing eCommerce solutions for clients around the world. 

This May 13th, we celebrate our 13th anniversary in business and look back at our journey, milestones, and future plans. These are the things that have made SUMO Heavy a trusted eCommerce consulting firm and how we continue to provide value to our clients.

Our Journey:

SUMO Heavy was founded in 2010 by Bart Mroz and Robert Brodie.

Bart Mroz is a founding partner and CEO of SUMO Heavy. He is an IT professional with over a decade of experience solving problems and lending support to all kinds of clients and organizations. He's flexible, quick to adapt, and deeply connected to the local tech and startup scene. Bart has deep technological know-how, leadership skills, business analysis, client handling, and a real entrepreneurial vibe.

Robert is a founding partner and CTO of SUMO Heavy. He's a seasoned eCommerce developer and product manager. Robert's role at SUMO Heavy is to guide the clients' technology strategies and lead production teams.

We started with a small team but quickly became a trusted partner for businesses of all sizes.

It's been quite a ride from our humble start in a coffee shop in the Old City section of Philadelphia to expansion in New York and back to Philadelphia. 

From the start, our goal has always been to provide customized eCommerce solutions that drive growth, improve the user experience, and increase profitability through efficiency of process. 

Early pre-office days: Jessica Victor, Robert Brodie and Bart Mroz, circa 2010 in Philadelphia.


Over the past 13 years, SUMO Heavy has achieved numerous milestones demonstrating our commitment to excellence. Some of our key achievements include:

  • Working with clients across multiple industries, including fashion, beauty, food and beverage, and fitness.
  • Launching dozens of successful eCommerce websites and platforms that have generated millions in revenue.
  • Building a team of eCommerce experts with diverse backgrounds and expertise who are passionate about delivering results for our clients.

Future Plans:

As we celebrate our 13th anniversary, we're excited about what the future holds for SUMO Heavy. We remain committed to delivering exceptional eCommerce solutions for our clients and staying ahead of the curve in trends and technology. 

We're constantly expanding our expertise and exploring new opportunities to help our clients succeed. 

SUMO Heavy proudly celebrates 13 years of delivering eCommerce solutions for clients worldwide. We're grateful for the trust and loyalty of our clients, and we remain dedicated to providing exceptional service and value. 

Whether you're launching a new eCommerce business or looking to improve an existing one, SUMO Heavy is here to help you succeed. 

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

And we're just getting started!

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Photo by Denis Sebastian Tamas on Unsplash

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