Walmart Lets Customers Shop Via Text with 'Text to Shop'

John Suder
Jan 9, 2023

Walmart continues to innovate the shopping experience with its new “Text to Shop." This feature allows customers to simply add items to their cart using text messages. If the feature sounds familiar, it’s because Walmart launched it as a beta test in October 2021.

The free feature must be linked to the user's Walmart account so that their usual selections can be reordered. You can add the products you need to your cart by simply texting them. Choose from the full range of merchandise offered by Walmart, including offerings from your neighborhood store and To quickly evaluate and add your commonly ordered goods to your cart, text “reorder.”

Shoppers can swap out items, review their cart, check and schedule pickups and deliveries.

These options are helpful for the type of shopper who knows precisely what they want or picks up the same selection of products on each visit, saving time roaming aisles and waiting at checkout.

Since the COVID pandemic, shoppers have grown used to the idea of BOPIS integrations and local delivery. Walmart makes the customer journey frictionless by meeting the customers where they are, in a mode they prefer.

Walmart’s new Text to Shop experience is free for customers on iOS and Android devices.

Photo by Marques Thomas on Unsplash

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