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To help online sellers and brick-and-mortar merchants sell products online more seamlessly across the globe, Square is introducing two specialized commerce tools on Square Terminal

Square for Retail and Square Appointments on Square Terminal are new features that let retailers, beauty, and personal care professionals provide customers with a more streamlined, convenient checkout experience. The payments giant’s recent press release indicates that businesses can now help supercharge sales by ringing up their customers anywhere. 

The tools can be utilized at normal checkout, on the floor of physical retail, in the parking lot, or on the store’s roof if need be. The new tools can handle any demand, so sellers can meet customers wherever they are and whenever they’re ready.

Leldon Maxcy, owner of Leldon’s, a gift shop in Cullman, Alabama says, “Square for Retail on Square Terminal has helped me streamline and condense everything, so I can use all the features I need on one device.” 

The new tools also provide merchants with instant interaction with buyers for any transaction needed. This includes typical payments, exchanges, returns, and more– easier than ever. The purpose of these tools is to move through more transactions at a higher, more efficient level to allow merchants to see as many customers as possible without pesky mounting lines. 

With the addition of Square for Retail and Square Appointments, all of Square’s commerce software is now available on all physical hardware. Business Wire notes that the platform’s new integrated ecosystem enables sellers to operate within a single platform for a complete view of their business. Sellers can also add Customer Relationship Management solutions like marketing and loyalty; to manage staff, sellers can add Payroll and Team Management; and for banking and financial services, sellers can set up checking and savings accounts. For example, 46% of Square Appointments sellers and 59% of Square for Retail sellers use 3 or more Square products in total across markets.

The new features are launching just in time for the busy holiday season. Square Terminal can be purchased on Square Shop, Amazon, BestBuy, Target, and Walmart. Square for Retail and Square Appointments offer three monthly subscription plans: Free, Premium, and Plus.

Upon the release, Alyssa Henry, head of Square, said, “The holiday season is not only one of the busiest times of the year, but also a crucial period for a merchant’s bottom line,” She continues, “By bringing Square for Retail and Square Appointments to Square Terminal just ahead of this critical time, sellers can access powerful integrations between software and hardware that gives them fast, efficient operations to increase sales and meet their customers’ needs, anywhere and anytime.”

Photo by Clay Bankson Unsplash

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